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Family Law Experts in Halifax, West Yorkshire

RCM Solicitors in Halifax, West Yorkshire, our family law experts empathise that family problems can be highly emotional, stressful, and can take a heavy toll on both your finances and your happiness. With this in mind, we endeavour to work with you to achieve an outcome that allows you to move forward with your life. Navigating areas such as divorce, child custody, and care proceedings, we’re with you every step of way.

Divorce/Dissolution, Separation, and Financial Proceedings

Specialising in divorce and dissolution matters, we help you achieve an amicable separation that is both cost-effective and as straightforward as possible. Our holistic approach allows you to deal with the inevitable financial separation that follows divorce or dissolution.

Domestic Violence

Our team are experienced with assisting victims of domestic violence. Our emergency 24-hour number gives you the peace of mind to know that our expert advice is available at any time day or night, plus, we can help you obtain emergency protective injunctions.

Private Children Matters

Issues regarding child contact, where your child lives, or any other matter that affects your children can be resolved by speaking and working with our expert team of solicitors. We can advise and represent you both in court and during out of court negotiations to help you achieve an agreement that is for the benefit of your children.


At RCM Solicitors, we understand the differing social attitudes towards marriage and civil partnerships and can therefore advise how best to protect your interests, finances and children when you are cohabiting with your partner. Unmarried partners have very few rights and the misconception about ‘common-law spouses’ can unfortunately leave partners in difficult circumstances. At RCM Solicitors, we understand this and can therefore advise you how to protect your interests, finances, and children.

Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements

RCM Solicitors can advise you regarding pre- and post-nuptial agreements and can represent you to help you achieve an agreement that protects your future interests and needs.

Discuss our family law services and call us in Halifax, West Yorkshire, today to consult our divorce and separation expertise.